Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin - Essay ExampleTo gain diligence, a student requires undivided attention in class and participation in group works. It is possible to reinforce diligence through readings in articles, journals and other books. A knowledgeable student possesses a large scope of understanding in the electrical concepts. Diligence allows making inferences where concepts are not well understood. Participation in class discussions should be encouraged so that students get to share views and wealth of their understanding of concepts in electricity. To gain diligence is a factor of effort by an individual. With proper understanding of electricity, a student becomes empower to avoid accidents. The student gets to learn what to do and what to rephrase from doing in an electrical accident. People become empowered to work with electrical cables conducting high voltage due to a good understanding of electricity. Experts in the field lack tension regardless of the danger they dampen themselves (Adams 18). Another aphorism in bounds the reader to do today, what he plans to do tomorrow. This indicates the need for research. To keep in pace with the demands of the current world, an electrician scum bagnot be left layabout in designing user friendly interphones in the field. It is only through research that safe methods of handling electricity can be developed. Electricity forms the madcap force of many economies and gains application in many homesteads all over the world. Through research, shipway of application can be reviewed, or new ways developed. New ways of generating electricity can be discovered through extensive research. It is through research that electricity can now be generated from beckon tides, wind and biogas. Efficient ways of application and perhaps genesis can be developed through research. With the global warming challenge, many rivers used for hydro-power generation are receding. The amounts of Kilowatts diminish continually. Nu clear generation has its share or challenges in disposal of radioactive matter and the impact on the environment. All fields are facing various challenges prompting aggressive research to be able to sustain the world while taking care of the environment. Through research, the foreseeable problems can be solved and avoided (Hill 592). A little neglect may bring enormous mischief. In this aphorism, the writer sought to caution against lack of attention to details. close electrical accidents happen due to neglect. Installers leave loose live wires hanging around or bare sockets. These become lethal in the homesteads. Fires and electrocution form examples of mischief caused by neglect. Good workmanship should be encouraged to the students. This can be instilled through practical sessions to establish how keen a student remains. electrical work is sometimes tedious and uninteresting this may cause a person to overlook basic faults which might later develop into disastrous mistakes. Stu dents commonly lack the necessary attention while performing duties. When designing a factory, for instance, careful calculations are involved. If the calculations used are wrong, installations might fail or so far blow. Huge losses would be incurred due to small mistakes in calculations. This also calls for discipline and decent work ethics. Imagine the damage that would occur in the intensive care unit unit of a referral hospital due to the negligence of an electrician. Expensive equipment would be destroyed and lives lost. Taking of shortcuts must be

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