Friday, June 14, 2019

Mediation and intercultural communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mediation and intercultural communication - Essay Exampleis to ensure the best performance of his duties, connected with conclusion an acceptable agreement between fence parties.As far as mediation in Saudi Arabia is concerned, completely confidential and satisfactory for both parties gag law of the conflict should be meant, while mediation sphere in this country comprises one of the best professionals in this area. Mediators in Saudi Arabia are divided by the sphere of professional interest for example, in order to solve dispute concerning employment agreement, it is necessary to contact with mediator in Saudi Arabia, who specializes in grind contracts. Other kinds of disputes, which can be handled by mediators in Saudi Arabia, include consumers, business, divorce etc.Saudi Arabia, being a multicultural country, faces disputes in which representatives of opposing cultural views are involved. Intercultural relations and communication are of the great importance in such cases, as it is tremendously necessary to tolerate opposing parties in order to come to an agreement, which will satisfy both. In such cases mutual understanding and intercultural communications play an integral part and share each others thoughts and views, help to understand other opinions and to come to common solutions.To conclude, mediation in Saudi Arabia is a basic instrument in solving disputes and determination agreements. Intercultural relations and communication make it possible to understand opposing parties and to reach a common goalSeat, K. (2012, March 19). International Mediation Developments November2013.International Mediation Developments - November 2013. Retrieved June 21, 2014, from http//, A. (2010, January 11). realistic Mediation Lab.Virtual Mediation Lab. Retrieved June 21, 2014, from

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