Saturday, June 8, 2019

I think alcohol shouldn't be legalize for all ages Essay

I think alcohol shouldnt be legalize for in all ages - Essay ExampleProblems such as pancreatitis, heart and liver problems are associated with alcohol use. Individuals who already have a health problem and those under music who foreshorten to drinking as a regular habit can encounter life-threatening situations. Further much, in case of pregnant mothers who take to this habit they are additionally risking the life of their unborn child. Intake of alcohol, especially from a young age, only increases the risk to alcohol related diseases and problems later in life. Study estimates reveal that between the ages of 19-29 one in every four men die of alcohol related problems (Merrett). Though the minimum age for eat alcohol is 21 in most countries, there is heavy lobbying to decrease this age to 18. In places where the age limit has been decreased there are concerns elevated about the ill-effects induced by consuming alcohol from a young age. Young people are generally less tolerable to the effects that alcohol imposes on them as they have a nave physique and their socializing habits increases the risk of accidents and other injuries. Young people who drink tend to become more violent and engage in unwanted habits and land up with legal problems. This could have an irreversible effect on their future that could include education, work and family. therefrom such people live a less fulfilled life and become a source of unhappiness for both their immediate family and peers.A hole-and-corner(a) website has revealed that about 74% of adults in US support legal action taken against those who host parties where underage drinking is allowed. They believe that such actions would help to keep open injuries to innocent people who are victimized in drunken driving and other accidents. The survey also revealed that some adults approve underage drinking when oversee by parents or a guardian (Alcohol Consumption under Parental Supervision). However, the health of the indiv idual is compromised irrespective of being supervised or not. Hence by and

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