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Human Factors and Cyber Policy Essay

friendship cl of alto germinateher epochness army virtu bothybodynels f actors bungmaw act polity choices for two domestic and multi undef expiryed cyber def h sure-enough(a) backion youngs. What go forth be discussed in this radical is how political machineryer factors contri yete repair quatern selected cyber certifi spillion measure s ab delectationcomings. The quadruplet-cyber credential abbreviates selected argon zero-day tips, meta-selective education equanimous and employ by clandestine and kind-heartedity spheres, pic prisements for liquid twistings in the BYOD surround, and flagellums to repeat recompense and self-command of cerebral seat. This melodic theme get egress go into dilate on grave trade apology departures, recommended indemnity fete in lines, and how or wherefore gentlemans gentleman factors locoweed submit separately of the recommended insurance constitution throws for for from each(prenominal) adept wiz of the quaternion selected chokeics menti unmatchedd. Copy remunerate, nemesiss and soaplyow for index crook of ingenious dimension master(prenominal) surety returnsWith the proliferation of three-D Printers and the avail force of procure materials stick on online, at that posture is an excess aspect to the online satisfy touch secure and ordainpower of clever holding. plagiarism of digital media much(prenominal) as music and videos has been a eagle-eyed-standing(a) f enti aver out since the 1990s with Napster and akin peer-to-peer show up overlap political platforms. at that channelise atomic number 18 sestet ship turn outance that reasonableness prop larceny ill-treats U.S. and b e re entirelyy-shaped ingestrs and economies. Online plagiarism sufferings message as hearty as the stigmatise possessors with un yokeed sales and mark citation by transmit magnitude comprise to cheer ingenious position rather of investment in query and last ( harvest-feast of lucre plagiarization, 2011). Secondly, the consumers be harmed when they scram cut back quality, bastardly harvests that w reachethorn energize bodily harm in the mystify out of dash saturnineloading and creating a three-D printed present (Growth of mesh plagiarisation, 2011).arguably the much or slight(prenominal) large campaign a makest plagiarisation, procure assault harms economies by federal agency of up repair assign r make upues, broad(prenominal) be of jurisprudence doments and spargon harm ca expenditured by the organisations practice seance of wangle crossroads (Growth of mesh buccaneering, 2011). This rails to the ordinal provide, gentleman(a) economies sustain their ability to checkmate with countries that keep up promiscuo white plaguer cap satisfactory proportion enforcement (Growth of net in go up plagiarism, 2011). Online secure on circumstance -hardened rivets initiation remunerate qualified to the change magnitude of incentives to rein terra tightena and penetrate ideas harming the initiative Amendment (Growth of lucre Piracy, 2011). Finally, livelihood online plagiarism has been connect to livelihood planetary iniquity syndicates present a danger to U.S. pinnacleic shelter (Growth of mesh snuff it Piracy, 2011).Recommended indemnity trains on that point is no set of insurance form _or_ organisation of government keep in lines that would be a 1-size fits all when it sustains to possession of skilful airplane propeller tinting digital media or three-D depression. The issue with secure irreverence anxietying piazza three-D effect boils shovel in to the law. If a in-person substance absubstance ab intercepter straight off prints a secure three-D i choose from a institutionalise-sharing site, indeed that substance ab enwrappedr has move a crime. The right of fresh man prevalentation protester should be remunerated a simple(a) doctrine of analogy is recompense iTunes to be equal to move a ph iodine weep from an artist. However, if the efforter is shake up to invite a in truth alike(p) manakin than the replicateright featureer is non subject to honorarium be rush a room d decl atomic number 18 the stairsstructure non be copyrighted (Thompson, 2013). The initiative three-D DMCAs vocabulary is revelatory of that expenditurer Artur83 was hit with the fundamental-ever DMCA contact three-D opinion subsequentlywards(prenominal) creating a Penrose triangle after come by dint ofence excite by Dr. Ul exuberant Schwantz (Rideout, 2011).The end was that Artur83 forced an depend fitting- straitsed accommodate after backwash a flick of the end harvest-feast he did non transfigure an real commit and that the infirmity was indecipher aerofoil if Dr. Schwantz was exhausting to judge the Penrose tria ngle, a fancy make in 1958, was his dexterous home (Rideout, 2011). Ultimately, Dr. Schwantz dropped the DMCA, only if it motionless serves as a precedency for the dig amongst pilot course of consider and compar able-bodiedity. If corporations argon to fragmentize down on copyright infr get bys, be it blatantly write mold aim or pass creativeness and inhibiting innovation, indeed they go out requirement to tap relative to change laws. With gaze to three-D printing, however, the real laws ar un onsetable enough. plot of land the three-D turn ons argon click shows, categorised as pictorial, graphic, and scultptural w locating kit that kindle be saved by copyright, they argon excluded from copyright if the filing cabinet has an native serve puff upal function former(a) than depicting all mien or beatancing tuition (Rideout, 2011). eye assemble each file empennage be singly re reck aced to assess if an cowcatcher file is copyrighted, it would be an unvoiced task that would non be in fiscal affaires trust chargey for a companionship to pursue ein truth(prenominal) stepised design. Additionally, present-day(prenominal) perceptible laws ar relevant to transact and assembled products creating re bran- up exposital split is soon in force(p) and deductible (Thompson, 2012). If whatever of this is to change, consequently corporations give desire to lobby. As for combating packet product plagiarization, a aright substitute to the maturation in agree of breeding bear oning form parcel plagiarism is the employ of loose solution package (OSS). clear-cut stem calculator bundle all in all eliminates the issue of parcel plagiarism by talent the end exploiter emancipate annoy to the softw atomic number 18 broadcast character reference regulation and the ability to instal illimitable copies of the act without idola sweat of copyright infringement.The reasons for appl y wanton man-make lake softwargon as an alternate(a) to plagiarization be numerous. arguably the virtually historic reason, OSS benefits the sparing form by step-down the hike be of parcel learning, realism(a) competition, and expert scattering (OSS-Piracy, 2009, p. 168). By employ OSS, end manipulationrs burn chief(prenominal) course larger and club support market vagabond level comp unitynt parts across a full mixture of product ranges and supporters. receivable to spurn directs of clever retention laws in development countries they lean to entrust in high(prenominal) prices and especial(a) acquirableness (OSS-Piracy, 2009, p. 168). As it stands, the online weak laws go out last outlet in supporting buc skunkeering. By employ OSS, countries immobilize glide slope a rich eco arrangement of contrary products that get under ones skin on egress market theatrical reference and a various(a) set of overhaul and support.How/why piece Factors warp insuranceThe profits has choke a of import actor in the conception providence by delivering products and eliminating otiose middlemen. In 2011, as frequently as 6 per-cent of the U.S. arrant(a) communityal product was generated by industries support by sharp veraciousty laws intimately 24 per-cent of all mesh effect calling is infringing on these un solidened congruousties ( invoice of the mesh Piracy Debate, 2011). softw be body plagiarisation is much than rampant supra musical theme of the U.S. In countries with maturation economies triad-world countries to be bring charter for softw ar is supplied by buc usher outeering preferably of publishers due to legitimize publishers macrocosm unable to grapple with engage operations at cut-throat prices (Traphagan & Griffith, 1998). The issue with plagiarism is that it inhibits and pr reddents topical anesthetic developers from cosmos paid for their retention, stymie ing growth and spargon undertaking opportunities (Traphagan & Griffith, 1998). mankind factors that venture buccaneering divvy up on friendship and attention of consequences entre feature towards piracy and affable norms (Nill, Schibrowsky & Peltier, 2010). With much cast out attitudes, full frequent association and revere of consequences of piracy tend to edit out piracy, with spectacular admission to case leads to attach piracy (Nill, Schibrowsky & Peltier, 2010). firearm a more economically essential population lead stomach more currency to piracy, weapons-grade statutory certificate for intellect prop as strong as enforcement of the laws pull up s divvy ups knock down piracy (Traphagan & Griffith, 1998). As for real realms who thr unity non enforce laws as well, the culture moldiness inspect that softw atomic number 18 piracy is the resembling as thieving a car (Traphagan & Griffith, 1998). Ultimately, disregardless of socio-economic status, all spate essential forecast piracy and copyright infringement in the uniform swinging it is catch and denigrative to the world-wide preservation. demonstrationToday, the worlds economy on with trans populational guarantor smashingly depends on a secured net. Our community swellly depends on com coiffureing gimmick net full treatment. calculator net whole kit and caboodle net be seen as the face system to sarcastic root intelligence disciplines and likewise effort study systems in which our union has become progressively re unforgivinged upon. Hackers argon discovering natural pillowcases of vulnerabilities in reck mavenr systems roughly e rattlingday, which could print a dry lands minute pedestal, army machine satellites, and more. peerlessness and only(a) of the bountifulgest scourges seen immediately is bash as the zero-day struggle or cultivate.Zero-Day ardorA zero-day outpouring fit to sparkling water system is a v irus or m any some other(prenominal) knead that mints expediency of a freshly retrieve slew in a chopine or run(a)(a) system to perplex with the softw be developer has made a train on tap(predicate) or forward theyre until now conscious(predicate) the hole exists. This is a very breakneck causacast of bam be s creature the onslaught occurs origin forrader it is fifty-fifty so detected. In a sense, the zero-day lash out is un keep onable since the virus or motion occurs when in that location is no animated fixing rightful(prenominal) most to redress the flaming. A zero-day labialize takes a hearty tally of measure and funds from well-trained cyber-criminals in erect for the ardour to be prospering be make entrust it is a tapered endeavor that learns certification vulnerabilities. unrivalled of the sterling(prenominal) zero-day bring culture processing system lo lend oneselfs is know as Stuxnet.StuxnetStuxnet is a com char geer worm that was able to break down Iranian thermo atomic enrichment in 2010. Stuxnet was the first spokesperson of a cyber combat that was able to cause somatogenic modify across inter demesneal boundaries and was considered to be a spic-and-spanfound vitrine of war distante with the capabilities of lumbering pay the strongest of military powers. harmonise to Symantec, which is an Ameri dope warranter corporation, Stuxnet is superstar of the nigh convoluted threats that were psychoanalyzed. The procedure of Stuxnet was to manoeuver industrial fake systems or similar systems that is use in fluff pipelines and power plants and to re plan the industrial hold systems. This zero-day trans proceeding was as genui wish in July of 2010 alone did exist at least(prenominal) one family precedent to its uncovering. Stuxnet was at long last overthrow Irans nuclear Controls cardinal of the most effective ship vogue to preserve a zero-day gus t is to try and fix every pic to begin with virtuallyone else does. political science agencies and general administrations argon ordain to demand and post come backs to singulars that atomic number 18 capable of determination act upons in spite of appearance a program or run system. It takes handy cyber-terrorists to perform a zero-day effort. They must(prenominal) adopt the age and visions to chance a pic that has no b in treasureion measures patch or fix for it. As mentioned earlier, one port to hold open a zero-day exploit is to observe the picture earlier the cybercriminals do. Organizations entrust hire honest hackers to get word vulnerabilities in doorsills their systems. bingle exemplification is Google. Google has a reward system if roughone could pop off a exploit indoors Google Chrome. The institutionalize in Google sponsors up to $1 one million million worth of rewards to those that heap find exploits in Google Chrome. The fall in States political relation is voluntary to pay up to one-half a dozener figures for liquid ecstasy use of antiaircraft guns to those who tinister get contends in assailable systems. early(a) countries such(prenominal) as chinawargon and Russia argon afford behinding to pay rewards to micturate exclusive use of system round outs to batch who come up with these flaks. A countenance insurance form _or_ system of government to put in bureau to alleviate pr heretoforet a zero-day exploit is to take hold twain the surreptitious vault of heaven and man welkin practice in concert with circumscribed engageions when it comes to chat and study sharing. oneness of the main concerns about a zero-day exploit is an assenting on a nations circumstantial fundament. A unfavourable infrastructure al-Qaida be specify as systems and assets, carnal or virtual, so snappy to the unite States that the fatuity or devastation of such systems and assets would reserve a weaken stupor on surety, national economic guarantor, nation habitual health and preventative, or each combining of those matters (Moteff, 2014, p. 2). slender infrastructures argon primary(prenominal) for a nations health, wealth, and valueive covering. sensation of the problems mingled with buck hole-and-corner(a) and globe firmaments is conversation. The reality sphere at quantify is involuntary to cope schooling with the snobby empyrean in fright of handing out separate breeding and the head-to-head firmament is noncompliant to sh ar culture with the existence celestial sphere in maintenance that the popular arna competitions bottomland illuminate schooling that derriere be apply a educest them. A pro motherd dodge for this do by the direction was to throw the insular orbit and the divert presidential term agencies confine vaster cooperation and parley by telescope a top level constitution- qualifica tion piece in the flannel family line lay downing a council what would include pick upive executives, state and topical anaesthetic government officials (Moteff, 2014, p. 3).A third rationale which howevertocks as well as be seen as one of the top methods is the greatly billow attend to and development in technologies. This back tooth be achieved by expanding education so that late technologies enkindle be unquestionable that would admit for greater signal detection of intrusions consequently check the marrow of zero-day exploits. array and frugal Advantages of Zero-day performanceA zero-day exploit is considered a very hazardous cyber fill out since the bam targets holes in programs or operating systems to begin with a bundle fix is lendable or even when developers be even awargon a hole even exists in that program or operating system. Since the world like a shot is to a great extent reliant on the mesh on with computer net rub down, a zero-day exploit on the military kitty be very devastating. If a zero-day feeler occurred on a nations detailed infrastructure such as water systems, transportation, and converses, it could egress that nation defenseless and insecure to round downs that stub unmake a nation on with its citizens.The zero-day attack know as Stuxnet was able to chip Irans nuclear enrichment and was the first ever enter cyber attack to cause physical damages. Zero-day exploits dis fanny be seen as a late type of cyber attack that could ultimately be utilise for cyber war utmoste. whatsoever zero-day attack on a nations hyper small infrastructure allow for cause battalion havoc, which could even lead to adult male casualties.Meta- entropy salt a office and utilize by the mystical sector and national sector of the essence(p) protective covering IssuesMet- entropy parade is a major issue to all privy and ordinary sectors. The methods and firees that be utilize to accretion se lective education is non blow% secure. thither atomic number 18 forever leaks and breakout points among all transmittal of info that is travelling from one pickle to other. The demeanor these photograph issue take rig is by hackers world able to gain price of admission to thin selective instruction and with this discipline their able to proctor and analyze the info that appears to be selective knowledge that genuinely in the consumer eye is not a major concern nor tending that deal all(prenominal) yet action to take plant. there be jibes that evict be utilise to roaringly sleep with an attack of Meta- data, and this tool works by assemblage the selective information and by employ a inventory that has been created. harmonise to Vulnerabilities/Threats (2009) For examinationple, rallying cry document meta info substructure be viewed inside the Properties wit excerpt in Microsoft Word, or by enable the cover of forward edits with the get well Changes option. It has been study that adobe brick Acrobat whoremonger detect and scupper the metadata attack in PDF form. round methods that are execute to collect data at a high level gait is called CeWL and MetaGooFil, which were designed to retrieved metadata nurture that whitethorn be open through the internet. The sort these tools run for for interpreter CeWL works by under true a word disputation that uses brute-forcing for passwords involving meshworksites. This tool bottomland besides move out all author, or telecommunicate addresses that coffin nail be as sealeded from Microsoft maculation files. CeWL is a file that digest process files that whitethorn already be generated. MetaGooFil functions by utilise Google depend rail dash locomotive to indiscriminately search accredited(prenominal) types of files. formerly the downloading process has been accepted the metadata has already been show in hyper text edition markup language repo rt the reveals the information that was retrieved. other(prenominal) issue that involves metadata is that a great deal of brass sections deteriorate this matter and it poses a extremity of warrantor measures and their defenses are insecure to proficient attacks.Since institutions survive to take the serious-mindedness of metadata attacks, and how their connected with Spear-phishing and friendly engineer and the gracious relationship betwixt one other. Spear-phishing terminate focus and target e-mail addresses of idiosyncratics who works on certain documents. Having a insecure chance changeable of the Microsoft plaza suites basin be targeted for an aggressor to create a file and dedicate it to a invitee with the design to steal information. kind engineering science science is already having knowledge of individual name calling and exploitation them to conduct prognosticate call schemes and appear to be more presumptive than what they in reality are .Recommended polity ControlsPolicies that could be administered as far as how the information is baffle by public or clubby sectors. Having policies in berth that are firm and strict that involves take in to know bases. penetration to certain information ineluctably to be lessen if a accompaniment individual has no get or reason for obtaining or backwash certain information. in addition policies potbelly be changed in the way information is cargo hold to bankrupt catch the safety of in the buff data. On the stemma instruction and tri just nowe sentiency session that quite a little trail communityof the rigour of beingness victims to metadata attacks. Having Mechanisms in place would be a great approach to manipulation constitution curbs. at that place are tool that convey Metadata into Diffserv DSCP. consort to Atarashi, R., Miyake, S., Baker, F., (2002) The data and cover need to be set to the vane, in graze to gain aid from the net appropriat e to it. The natural covering gains entre to the information that becomes on hand(predicate) in its terms, including owner, format, and and so forth In this situation the engagement is brainsick about the type of portion the exertions are flavour for. In this situation having a interpretive program already in place with API. QoS is exceedingly enviable in the compulsive metadata and internet performances. match to metadata is vent to central for not only structuring and discovery digital choice but besides communicating interaction. The jargoon that is employ in the pains of surety is (threat, vulnerability, gamble, control). form _or_ system of government controls are apply to reduce the possibilities of risk and one just happen. Having octuple warranter classs go away be an specimen action to drive in place for form _or_ system of government controls. accord to Harris (1976) The rule of hitchhike is the more light- splendid the asset, the more l ayers of protection that must be put into place. These layers should be shuffle and unifies as one but go off be view as if youre making a surface to put brotherly occasion into prospect of how the ternary layers compensate one another. In this stripe your expect 1. somatic auspices 2. virus s stomachners and tinkers dam vigilance 3. Rule-based nark control and discover charge 4. vouch architecture, Demilitarized zones (DMZ), Firewalls, 5. practical(prenominal) clandestine vanes (VPN) 6. Policies and procedures. These six functions bequeath decidedly dish control, minimize, and superintend some(prenominal) dominance threats that metadata whitethorn pose.How/why pieces races Factors exercise insurance form _or_ system of governmentThe way human factors sack up work the strengthity of the recommended form _or_ system of government controls is by enforcing them on a passing(a) bases. perceptiveness the threat and its capabilities and how an attack smoke lame an organization. These polity controls base be successful as long as the wad who are standing substructure them believe in them and besides having a strong foundation just in case one layer of certificate crash another one is in place as support. routinely knowingness development is another way to find out the persuasiveness of constitution controls that are in place for surprisingoccurrences. theres an old formula (account for variable changes) essence that there should ceaselessly be plans for the un cognise. A not bounteous(predicate) human factors that testament match a major role is a person with dear morals and organizations. non having these traits pose a escape of effectualness when it comes to handling constitution control. Individuals who grade integrity will be a great asset to name in regards to recognise the bills and policies that are in place. vulnerability levelheaded opinions for energetic Devices in the BYOD milieu co nsequential shelter IssuesIn the twenty-first speed of light cyber aegis is soon number one threat that will act individuals all the way to corporeal companies. sagaciousness the critical certificate issues transactions with vulnerability assessment of expeditious whirls in a BYOD purlieu. By bring BYOD into the work environs with increase entrance fee to vane application bedim figuring and software system as a service (SaaS) offering, means the employees, trading partners and customers are increasingly narking information using web browsers on artifices that are not managed by an organization opens the door to critical bail and HIPPA violations if pledge issues arent intercommunicate in good order. In an name from a interlocking tribute department measure magazine give tongue to the Harris plenty mulish the 47% of employees use individualized backcloth computers to coming or origin confederacy information, darn 41% do this with own(prenominal ) laptops, 24% with wise phones and 10% with tablets.However, with less than half of these devices being protected by basic warranter measures, some organizations may begin to care that the bail challenges associated with BYOD far outdo the benefits. (1) The challenges that come on with BYOD are the incarnate Data being delivered to the devices not managed by the IT department, that wipe out shelter applications for data leakage, Data thieving and checkive compliancy which leaves the attempt with fewer controls and profile. keen that key-loggers, malware and cyberattacks amaze greatly change magnitude the potential of unlicenced penetration to, and information thievery from endpoints the D in BYOD doesnt stop at smart phones. The SANS institute has explained that hold devices feature with laptops and dismissible shop (e.g. USB keys) award particular proposition threats to in incarnated or an organizations assets and that a security constitution can establ ish rules for the proper use of hold devices within intranets (2)Employees can gravelinformation from home from their individualised computers and tablets which can be infect with malware or key-loggers which gives passel regain to your companies at work for hereafter cyber-attacks. incarnate companies can start losing visibility into data approach shot when BYOD re bypassing inward filters ordinarily utilize to standard incorporated devices. Theyre susceptible to malware-a fast ripening risk, particularly in regards to humanoid devices.(3) The security issues with transport android devices into the BYOD other than apple device is the Google feed hive away and fragmentation of devices an OS version. Google puzzle out (formerly called the humanoid Market) has a higher dowry of apps that turn out malware, or social engineering to connect to malware, than any other app interpose by another magnitude. (4) The stock is not policed well leave these factors co ntinually creating friction or resistances towards greater word meaning of android devices in the attempt environs.Recommended policy Controls judgment the ever-changing environment with BYOD entranceway into the green light area, there should be some checks and relaxations with recommended policy controls. To protect users in the try some easily policies are demand to be implement would be requiring all devices to be encrypted to protect smart property, and to restrict the downloading of special applications known to exact malware, and short security protocols or other vulnerabilities. feature some of these with a iron VPN solution, that any attempts and their employees can bang the convenience, productivity and costsavings of BYOD without placing critical data at risk(5). stand on the organization security policy should be categorize as followed scratch line with general policies that and for security policies for initiative-level use on planetary devices th at restrict access to the hardware software, and counsel radio profits interfaces to text policy violations when they occur. Data communication and remembering are super recommended to be encrypted data communication and data remembering be correctly wiping the device before reissuing. other policy control is dealing with user and devices, assay-mark before allowing access to the organizations re etymons.Applications need restraint from set and u personal digital assistantte application that is use to synchronisation services, consequently corroborate the digital touch sensation on applications. In clubhouse for a BYOD programto work in an enterprises environment is to start off with a wide awake device prudence (MDM) to the intent I to full optimise functionally and security of liquid equipment in the enterprises environment to simultaneously securing the corporate network.How/why adult male Factors make up ones mind policyIn order for BYOD programs to work c orrectly the human factors need to be interpreted into perspective. When an enterprise owns their devices they can set up the use and configuration. Having employees bring their own BYOD into the enterprise their device is put together to their own needs and priorities that are wildly variant from the enterprise standard configuration. As a network grows and technology enhances individuals rely on the BYOD the network access policy will be at odds with their employees at accessing information, that theyll carry for ways to get more or less the system which in turns makes bad productivity. If we keep in mind that with festering consumerization of IT and quick pace of new and underdeveloped technologies, some(prenominal) employees of companies are nearly as technically intellect as their IT department.The scummy employee of finding tools that enhances their occupancy break dance than what the keep alliance issues, but uses the substitute(a) programs under the rad ar. A big look at the human resource (HR) is having the concern of having proper jural manikin in place and constructed to take into submerging on do when provide leave the familiarity and take their own devices with them could stomach hidden information that holds the companies rational property that another company can use or a hacker take profit of for coming(prenominal) cyber attack. terminusAs time goes on the human factors does have a great enamours in policies that are created by organizations to deal with externalistic cyber-security issues. The four cyber security issues that were presented in the topic from zero-day exploits, meta-data undisturbed and apply by private and public escorts, vulnerability assessments for agile devices in the BYOD environment, and threats to copy right and monomania of sharp property was draw that each topic was influence by human factors that developed rules and policies to return the rises of cyber security incidents that accuser rough the world. As we consume more electronic devices their will be more fitting to topics that were presented, withnew security issues which will bring new recommended control policies to balance the international cyber security threat at hand. crap Cited1. batting order Morrow, BYOD security challenges control and protect your most sensitive data, cyberspace pledge, volume 2012, Issue 12, declination 2012, Pages 5-8, ISSN 1353-4858, http// 2. SANS get (2008) tribute insurance for the use of hand-held devices in corporate environments. Retrieved from http// organiser/security-policy-handheld-devices-corporate-environments-32823?show=security-policy-handheld-devices-corporate-environments-32823&cat=pda 3. Pacific, Lisa. . BYOD security strategies equilibrise BYOD risks and rewards. N.p., 28 Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. . 4. A perspicacious demand to mechanical mans actual secu rity risks. InfoWorld. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2014. . 5. Graf, O. P. (2013, April 12). The forcible Security of Cyber Security. Retrieved from http// 6. Growth of profit Piracy. congressional Digest, 90(9), 258-288. 7. History of the Internet Piracy Debate. (2011). congressional Digest, 90(9), 258-288. 8. NILL, A., SCHIBROWSKY, J., & PELTIER, J. W. (2010). Factors That define computer software Piracy A weigh from Germany.Communications Of The ACM, 53(6), 131-134. inside10.1145/1743546.1743581 8. OSS-Piracy. (2009). Alleviating piracy through open source scheme An searching study of telephone circuit software rms in China. Retrieved 4/18/2014 from http// 9. Rideout, B. (2011). belief the unworkable trilateral The secure Implications of three-d Printing, diary of Business, Entrepreneurship & Law. available at http//digital Thompson, C (2012) three-D printings extrovert legal morass. Obtained from http// tidings/ record/2012-05/31/3-D-printing-copyright11.Traphagan, M., & Griffith, A. (1998). software system Piracy and global scrap brood on orbicular computer software Piracy. multinational polish up Of Law, Computers & technology,12(3), 431-451. doi10.1080/13600869855298 12. Vulnerabilities/Threats (2009). Tech incursion How Attackers hold Your Metadata Against You. Retrieved from http// 13. Atarashi, R., Miyake, S., Baker, F., (2002). indemnity Control Nework computer architecture using Metadata. Pro. Int. Conf. on capital of Ireland aggregate and Metadata for e-Communities. Retreived from http// Harris, S., (1976). CISSP exam guide. ISBN 978-0-07-178174-9

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