Tuesday, June 18, 2019

LOVE Chapter 17 Questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

LOVE Chapter 17 Questions - Research Paper ExampleThey are separated by space because interpreting of the RNA finds in the cytoplasm but DNA is only located in the nucleus so that is the only area where transcription can occur (Ruse 112-150).Question5. Codon is a 3-nucleotide sequence that codes for amino acids. The linear codon sequence and the linear amino acid have a 3-nucleotide to 1 amino acid correspondence. Question 6. The inherited code is redundant in the sense that some amino acids can be specified by more than one codon but Ambiguous in the sense that each codon specifies a particular amino acid and only that amino acid. Question 7.It just means that life appeared only once on Earth and was the basis of DNA into RNA. Question8. Transcription is the process in which DNA is converted into a complementary RNA and Just Before transcription, the splicing of introns occurs. extension phone in transcription occurs when additional RNA nucleotides are added to the growing nucle otide chain by RNA polymerase. Question9. Ribosomal RNA is helpful in constituting the protein synthesis. Question10. informational RNA stands for courier RNA, tRNA stands for transfer RNA, rRNA stands for ribosomal RNA, it is the main component of ribosome that synthesis protein.Question 11. It has ribosome that brings tRNA molecule together with it which then bonds to this mRNA strand and releases the amino acid attached (Morowitz 179).Question12. This a clover shaped, single strand molecule. It has loops formed from the base pairing of complementary bases. Question13. Translation is performed by cytoplasmic ribosomes as well as those bounded to the ER. mRNA associates with the ribosomes and begins with bases that serve as a binding site. Question14. It refers to the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide and the combination of multiple polypeptides to form a functional protein. Question15. Amino acids frame at the start of a protein being coded by the ribosome alerts the ribo some to attach itself to the ER. If the sequence is missing it will

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