Thursday, June 20, 2019

Service learning and high school diploma Research Paper

Service study and high school fleece - Research Paper ExampleService learning and high school diploma Service learning wouldnt benefit the students didactics. Indeed, many students would be unable to volunteer in their field. This negates any argument that dish out learning would inspection and repair the students education. The above argument is also illogical. The aim of education is to prepare the children to meet all sorts of life challenges effectively in future. In other words, it is ridiculous to wreak by that a science student should get practical experiences only in science topics. It should be noted that for conducting a successful future personal, professional and accessible life, he should acquire all sorts of knowledge even if he is specifically studying the science or arts during his school days. Service Learning programs moldiness have specific goals in mind, and a system to support them. It should connect community services to the learning goals. In some cases , people develop service mentality because of genetic reasons. However, genetic reasons alone may not help a student to acquire service mentality. Suitable environment will help the students to develop to a greater extent service mentality. In order to develop the suitable environment for service learning, planning and preparations are necessary. To conclude, service learning should be do mandatory in order to prepare the students better equipped for meeting the life challenges in future. Theoretical contents learned from the classrooms will become substantive only when the students were able to apply it in the practical context. Service learning will help the students in doing so and therefore service learning should be made compulsory to earn a high school diploma. ... In their opinion school is a state of affairs in which learning should take place rather than servicing. However, such people have forgotten to realise the incident that learning by doing is the most efficient m ethod of the learning process. Students may get lot of contents from their text books however they will never realise the importance of such contents in the absence of practice. For example, students may learn more about Mother Teresa and her contributions from text books. But only those who take part in the community servicing will learn more about the depth, pretentiousness and greatness of Mothers services. According to Jonathan Sims, the student representative of atomic number 101 state board of education, students who are forced to community work may draw in the work as something to get out of the way and they will become clock watchers (Morris, p. 4). The above arguments seem to be meaningless. In my opinion, when planned properly, service learning allows students to utilize their classroom learning, and use it in a real life situation.It is difficult to create a wall between education and servicing. In fact the ultimate aim of education is servicing. Whatever the knowledg e acquired by a student while learning, becomes meaningful only when he applies it in his personal, professional and genial life. In other words, service learning will help the students to apply their knowledge learned from the classrooms. According to Ron Peiffer, Director of communication and special projects at Maryland state department of education, when opponents argue that we cannot mandate volunteerism, they are ignoring the basic goal of required service programs ie, education (Morris, p. 4). Training throughout the mentoring experience would have helped to make

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