Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Paper 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Paper 1 - Essay ExampleIt describes how a event professional group should act ethically when discharging their duties (Harris 17).In the second case study, take aim A was recently hired to by safecomp to work in their choice hold in department. After a few weeks, the address was asked to press off some protocols, standards and testing procedures since he had been the one working on them. However, engineer A felt that he was not experienced enough to sign off such crucial documents since he was not fully acquainted with the procedures and standards at safecomp. The engineer let his supervisor know about his stand, but the supervisor would hear none of it. Finally, engineer decided not to sign off the documents, as he was not sure and thought he would jeopardize his career by signing the documents. This paper will support engineers a decision not to sign off the documents.The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has laid out a code ethics to govern this profe ssional group. Under the code of ethics by the IEEE, by signing off the documents, engineer A would be agreeing to take responsibility for the safety and health of those would end up using the product (Ieee.org). However, due to his insufficiency of experience the engineer did not think he would be able to sign off such protocols. He was also unsure of the procedures and standards of the familiarity, and as such, the engineer felt that he did not have the authority to sign off such crucial documents. Although he was charged with the responsibility of handling the quality control department, the company should have given the engineer enough time on the job to acquire the necessary experience and get to know the procedure of the company before being allowed to sign off such crucial documents. In the event the products were faulty, he would be held directly responsible for any casualties and would jeopardize his career and even risk jail time.The IEEE code of ethics also states that a professional should always

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