Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Puzzles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Puzzles - Essay Exampleelieved that Pythagoras used anagram to determine philosophical meanings, while Plato believed that anagrammatize revealed divinity and destiny (Anagrams FAQ). The Romans believed that anagrams actually had cryptic and prophetic meanings (Wikipedia).In spite of their popularity in ancient times, anagrams seemed to disappear until the middle ages when Jewish mystics called Cabbalists believed that reciting letters from the Hebrew alphabet in various orders could march miracles and create humans from dust (Sydney Morning Herald). In 17th Century France, Louis the XIII appointed a Royal Anagrammist to whom he paid a reportedly exorbitant salary. By 1988, the first stand-alone anagram generating software was produced underscoring a fascination with this puzzle form that has existed for several thousand years. (Sydney Morning Herald).Throughout history, anagrams have gone in and out of popularity, and they have been used in several applications in do-gooder to p roviding entertainment for puzzle solvers. Authors have used anagrams of their own names to create pseudonyms for their writing. Writers have also been known to use anagrams of actual people as the names of unpleasant characters. In addition to literature, anagrams have appeared in song lyrics. Jim Morrison used an anagram of his own name, Mr. Mojo Risin in the song L.A. Woman. Other songwriters have used anagrams for titles of songs of for band names. Galileo and early(a) scientists used anagrams to protect their discoveries from being claimed by others. Cryptic crossword puzzles use anagrams as clues to add another dimension to crossword puzzles. (Wikipedia). onwards the advent of computers, anagrams were created using pen and paper or letter tiles. Individual words have been anagrammed as well as entire sentences. With the macrocosm of computer programs for anagramming, not only are there more possibilities for the numbers and kinds of anagrams that can be created, but also the games that can be compete

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