Sunday, August 25, 2019

SNCC and the Rise of Black Power Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SNCC and the Rise of Black Power - Essay Example However, some key events over the years such as â€Å"Freedom Summer and Atlantic City National Democratic Convention† played a key role in the political radicalization and shift of ideology to â€Å"Black Power† (Davies ). Stokely Carmichael became the new radical leader of SNCC and was at the forefront of black power. He was infamous for advocating that African Americans should use self defence when attacked and agitating for revolutionary violence against oppression (Davies). Consequently, he further radicalized SNCC until his exit in 1967 to the Black Panther Party. The foremost tactics of the SNCC during its inception was aimed at protesting against the segregation culture that affected African Americans at the time. Later, in the mid 1960s, its involvement in fighting for political rights was majorly due to the denial of voter rights to African Americans in the South. The final metamorphosis to ‘Black Power’ in the late 60s was after the countless vio lent acts that African Americans were subjected to by the Southern racists. Moreover, the federal government had frustrated their quest for political liberalization from southern racist politicians. Consequently, the shift in ideology and strategies reflected the racial injustice, violence, and political intolerance that African Americans faced during the early 1960s to late

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