Sunday, August 11, 2019

Change in management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Change in management - Essay Example They will have equal opportunities for progress. They will just have to follow certain procedures and policies designed by the management and I assure you that these policies and procedures will be friendly for the employees. I want to know all the concerns of the employees and I am sure that my policies and procedures will be accommodative. I will only prove to be a strict manager if all the codes and conducts defined by the management are not followed. Discipline is required everywhere to lead a healthy life and to perform all the functions appropriately. You are always welcome to come to me to discuss all your problems. There are certain suitable ways with the help of which, you can perform all organizational functions successfully with less chances of making errors and you have to understand this aspect to work as a successful functional employee of the firm. I will conduct weekly meetings to assess company’s progress along with employees’ progress. For this purpose , a board will be there that will be accountable for bringing forth all the problems and concerns related to work and employees. The employees will be restricted to work according to the company’s set procedures and policies. The employees will have chances to win bonuses and allowances for their work.

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