Thursday, August 29, 2019

A pizzeria business plan

A pizzeria business plan Executive Summary This is a business plan for a Pizzeria based on producing a differentiated product in a premium location. The objective is to differentiate the operation from any other restaurant operation based on the concept of superior quality food based on the exclusive use of premium natural ingredients for every element of the product delivered from a conventional cheese and tomato pizza to the unique menu items. At the same time the operation is such that its environmental footprint is minimized and it operates in a manner that maximizes social responsibility in every facet of its operation. Pricing relative to other Pizzerias will be premium, but compared to most of the restaurants in the same quality bracket very competitive. The longer-term plan will involve additional Sofian Eat restaurants on either an owned or franchised basis or a combination of the two. This initial plan is for the pilot operation, which will serve as a model for future openings of Sofian Eat. Essen tials to success The planned operation is a restaurant. The underlying keys to successful restaurant operation are good food served in a clean and pleasant atmosphere. These are a ‘given’ in any successful restaurant, but in themselves are not sufficient to create any great success. â€Å"Positioning is an underleveraged restaurant marketing component. Positioning is the place you hold in the customers or prospects mind relative to the competition (the cheaper choice, the higher quality choice, et cetera). Effective positioning involves incorporation of your Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.).†[1] (Quantified Marketing Group, 2010) In Sofian Eat success will depend on creating a unique â€Å"product† based on the publics concern for the environment and the wholesomeness of food. This will be incorporated into a unique ambiance and menu that will provide a dining experience that hopefully customers will enjoy and wish to repeat. An important element in the overall concept is that because Sofian Eats is dedicated to concepts concerning the environment and natural food, which the client is aware of and approve, they will have an underlying â€Å"good feeling† about what they are doing when they enjoy a meal at Sofian Eats. In Principles of Marketing Dr. Philip Kotler uses the fast food industry as an example of marketing being used to sell. â€Å"Shoddy, harmful or unsafe products†, and bemoans the fact that this American approach to restaurant marketing is catching on in Europe.[2] The marketing approach used in this project is unashamedly copied from another American Company, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream that takes a totally opposite approach.[3] While not as successful as McDonald’s, Ben & Jerry’s built a business from a single tiny location to a major company and the founders finally sold the company to Unilever in 2000. 1.0 Terms of Reference 1.1 To 1.2 From These three items are not ordinarily a par t of a business plan, and I am not totally clear on what is wanted here. Clearly, I cannot fill in â€Å"to and from†. I suspect that the three items involves only a few words with the possible exception of â€Å"terms of reference†. I will gladly write something for you about this as a revision if you can tell me what it is supposed to do. Thanks. Your writer

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