Saturday, August 24, 2019

Case Study for Twitter Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

For Twitter - Case Study Example ts history, the need to develop and come up with sophisticated products that meet the demand of the clients has been a major challenge owing to complications in technology. Operating under technological platforms, Twitter as an organization has had to exploit various technological niches that could improve the services it provides for its customers. It is obvious that technology keeps on changing and advancing such that what was the norm yesterday is consistently modified to suit the current market needs. The same way, Twitter has struggled to keep up with these changes that ensure relevance in the industry. Among the many units affected by this in the organization is the human resource. The pace at which Twitter is taking to integrate itself into the updated technological world is raising eyebrows. With its vast resources, it is expected that it would be fast transforming itself day by day into a more sophisticated social network platform. This is not really the case from the scrutiny of its developmental milestone. Although it can be argued that in just a decade Twitter has achieved more than many social rival networks, this is still below what it could have maximally achieved. There is a great deal that could have been done (or could still be done) if technology is fully embraced and exploited. Evidently, Twitter has struggled to even reach where it is today. This is shown by the company’s failure to record desirable financial results over the years despite some upgrades (Porter, 2008. p.133-135). The human resource has to either be retrained or constantly updated on the trending technological systems especially in an organization that solely depends on technological efficiencies to deliver to its customers. Sending messages via Twitter, the follow feature as well as tweet and retweet among others are all technology-dependent processes that have to be continuously upgraded in regards to their efficiency and practicality in order for the company to generate

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