Friday, August 9, 2019

ArticleAbstract Assignments 06 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

ArticleAbstract Assignments 06 - Essay Example The research applied quantitative research method in its implementation. The method is identifiable from two criteria, the type of explored data and applied research design. The research applied quantitative data in numbers of wins and losses, and a correlation study that are features of quantitative methods (Kumar, 164- 166; Lee, 77- 88). The article concludes that the Collective Bargaining Agreement has had a significant effect on competitive balance and led to greater inter seasonal parity. The major factors to the identified parity are â€Å"free agency and payroll cap† (Lee, 86). The paper makes a major contribution in identifying existence of a significant relationship between the agreement, and inter seasonal parity among teams. It therefore reconciles theoretical expectations that a change in the market system and team players would influence performance of league teams. It is also a breakthrough as the first research to identify a significant relationship between changed rules and competitive balance (Lee, 77- 88). The article is however criticized for failing to include essential elements of a research such as research hypothesis and research questions. It also fails to communicate, clearly, its applied methodology (Lee, 77-

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