Saturday, August 3, 2019

All Countries Must Work Together to Conserve Water :: Argumentative, Persuasive, Conservation

Water is vital for almost everything from washing our valuable and pricey car to maintaining the shape of eyes as aqueous and vitreous humors yet water is depleting at a very alarming rate. However, what if we all give it just a lukewarm response. So, our country has to act as soon as possible without delaying it. As the old saying goes, ‘procrastination is the thief of time†. Luckily, some other countries have already begun to practice their own ways to conserve water which is essential for all human beings. First of all, one of our neighboring countries, Singapore, has come out with couple of ideas to conserve water. Firstly, Singapore has started a new water treatment program called â€Å"NEWater†. Used water will be flown to the water treatment plant to be treated. The process uses dual-membrane which consists of micro filtering and reverse osmosis to get the best quality of water treatment. The outcome is that the treated water is so good as it is safe enough to be used as drinking water. Other than that, Water Watch Society (WWS) of Singapore has organized River Monster Educational Program. This program aims to cultivate good practices among citizens of this short-water island republic. This program targets mainly lower primary school students as they are easier to change their behaviors compared to adults that have set mindsets. Japan on the other hand as one of the most outstanding countries in the world also figured some ways to conserve water. Similarly, as Singapore, used water is treated and the project is called â€Å" Reclaimed Water Use Project†. The water treatment plant is situated in the city of Fukuoka and it is been there since 1979. However, the treated water is just used for watering plant and used in factories. Besides that, the Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly in Japan passed on an ordinance to impose an additional residence tax to be used exclusively for promoting water-source protection projects. The aim of this tax system is to conserve and restoring forests and rivers. This tax system will continue for a five year period. Next is Australia, the smallest continent has also came out with some brilliant ways to save water. Some of the water saving measures taken is installing a trigger nozzles on hoses used. All hand-held hose are fitted with a trigger nozzle before using it. Moreover ,watering systems in houses especially automated ones are set to turn on and off automatically.

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