Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I think that Television technologie have the greatest impact on global Research Paper

I think that Television technologie have the greatest impact on global communications for these reasons - Research Paper Example In the current world people are enjoying the evolution of flat screens, and the technology of 3D. Viewers enjoy better view and the industry will be big in the future. Most of the duties performed by television industries are unique like broadcasting football matches from different part of the earth. The introduction of big flat and colored televisions are making individuals enjoy when watching football matches unlike before when everything broadcasted by televisions were only in black and white. International relations is the relationship between countries in the world. This relationship is based on mutual respect. This is because every country in the world is a sovereign state. International relations has facilitated a lot of things in the world; the growth and development of the international market depends highly on the international relations between different states of the world (Wilkins, 2001). Evolution of Television Opt electric Transformation This was the first of the serie s of the nineteenth-century discoveries which finally became the basis of television discovery. This process which leads to changes of behavior of electrons caused by variations in amount of light illuminating a given material. This process was very instrumental in the development of the television (Todorivic, 14). ... For it to be possible to reproduce all the tones from black to white passing by different shades of gray, the light source was expected to be able to change its intensity several hundred times in the course of one television line, and this was to be during the 60th of the duration of one picture ( Todorivic, 17). The Cathode-Ray Tube More research in the development of television shows that Nipkow disk was not a perfect solution for the display of transmitted moving images. By the end of nineteenth century cathode-ray tube was developed which became the essential and basic television display device (Todorivic, 17). Discovery and development of the television have had several advantages to the world. Television can be used for entertainment and as well as educational uses. Television is one source of informing whereby broadcast news and weather stations help in keeping people updated about the current events. This helps people in knowing what is happening around them before they make some decisions or adjustments to fit in the updates received from the television. Television can be used for educating purposes. Through the programs casted by the television and adverts individuals are able to learn new things through this channel of communication. When families sit together to watch different programs, this helps in creating a strong family bond because as people watch they share a lot about what they are watching (Anthony, 2007). Complex TV shows or movies requires a great deal of intelligence to comprehend the story line of the show or movie. The current TV stations not only bring comedy, drama and action to their viewers but also they have been bringing some programs

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