Saturday, September 28, 2019

Autobiography- personal narrative Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Autobiography- personal narrative - Essay Example Getting into ESL class in middle school was quite fruitful for me as I started speaking in English with the help of this class. I think it was during the high school years that I did get to have actual conversation with people with this new language. The high school I went to was Clark Magnet High School in La Crescenta. The school paid great emphasis on computer science and technology. The first turning point of my life I experienced was due to the Animation class offered in the school’s curriculum. I chose to go to CSUN as soon as I graduated high school since it was close by my house and also had Animation courses to offer which I was most interested in. For tuition, I decided to work on a part time job. My friend assisted me in finding a job at the same place where he was working. I was hired as replacement to my friend as my friend had to discontinue working there due to his class schedule. The job was to teach students in after school program. Spending time studying for animation and hanging around in Game Club and Animation Club at school with friends who shared mutual interests along with teaching students on the other hand as a part time job were the most precious experience I had in my life. It was my father who advised me to take double major in Art education while I was majoring in Arts. This was because he observed the enjoyment I experienced while working with children. I was of the idea that it would be better to concentrate on one subject rather than chasing two hares. The next turning point I experienced happened almost unexpectedly. During the internship at Universal Studio and Cartoon Network in my senior years I was offered a job opportunity as a production assistant. That was the most brilliant opportunity I could have ever had at that time. I declined the offer and I could not understand at that time why I declined the offer. I was still unsure regarding which majors I should pursue

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