Friday, October 18, 2019

Language and Content Objectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Language and Content Objectives - Essay Example Language and content learning can be segregated in three domains, i.e. Social Language (SL), School Navigational Language (SNL) and Curriculum Content Language (CCL). While all these domains aim at developing the linguistic skills and communication abilities of pupils at their early life, their core purposes differ widely in their application. For instance, the objective of SL is mainly to assist the learners to communicate with their family members and friends when conducting their daily activities. Thus, at a larger paradigm it helps in creating a social status for the learners amid their surrounding community. Again, SNL helps the learners to communicate with their peers and teachers, inducing a degree of formalism in their language, when communicating within the school environment. Accordingly, CCL emphasises helping learners to communicate with teachers, instructors as well as peers, wherein the learners focus on obtaining instructions and following them within the classroom env ironment. Thus, it can be stated that while SL is a much casual approach, SNL and CCL are gradually more systematic and formal procedures of communication that the learners need to implement in their day-to-day interaction (Haynes & Zacarian, 2010; Bailey & Heritage,

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